About Us

A global public affairs and crisis management consultancy

Who We Are

H5 Strategies is an independent global public affairs and crisis management consultancy. Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, the heart of Central Europe, the company was founded to offer government, nonprofit and private-sector clients in Central and Eastern Europe a level of expertise and service that stands above the rest. Our hallmarks are a specialist’s knowledge of local, regional and international practices, and extensive networks worldwide.

Nearly every region of the world has a standout public affairs and crisis management consultancy built from the ground up by the right mix of local and foreign experts. But Central and Eastern Europe has lacked one of these powerhouses. For years, regional clients poured vast sums of money into unprofessional local firms. They also tried big-name brands from London, New York, Washington, Paris and Brussels. But what they got from them was an unproductive, non-tailored approach. H5 Strategies was established to fill this void. 

Our staff is a mix of accomplished communications, business and government-affairs professionals in the region and beyond. Living in the region has given our Central and Eastern European staff an insider’s familiarity with the shifting government, business, media, cultural, entertainment and sports landscape — insight crucial to devising strategies to meet those sectors’ evolving communications needs. Our international staff also has in-depth experience in the region, with team members having lived in several countries there and speaking a number of Central and Eastern European languages. Communications experience in Western cities like Washington, London and Berlin, as well as in the region, means they are equipped to help both regional clients and those who are based outside the region but want to do business there. In addition, both our local and international staff have extensive contacts that can open important doors in Central and Eastern Europe.