About Us

A global public affairs and crisis management consultancy

What We Do

H5 Strategies offers a full array of crisis management, strategic planning, public affairs and communications services for clients who are already doing business in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Sub-Saharan Africa, or who are wanting to enter these markets. We tailor our services to clients’ needs and to whether they are locals or from outside the region. Some of the fields our services cover include government, business, media, culture, entertainment and sports.

Our public affairs services include reputation-building guidance and strategies. We offer a range of help with that, from developing public relations campaigns and handling crisis communications for clients, to letting domestic and foreign audiences know about organizations’ and leaders’ policies and practices. 

We also help clients who face unusual challenges because of their prominence in politics, business, entertainment, or sports, or because of their high net worth. The services we offer them include strategies to protect their privacy and to deal with media overstretch that impinges on their rights.

Another service we offer is strategic communications. This involves developing a comprehensive plan to promote a positive imagine of an organization or person.

We also develop public relations campaigns for clients. These step-by-step plans are aimed at helping clients achieve both communications goals — such as burnishing reputation — or non-communications goals such as increasing business.

Any organization or public figure knows that the media can make or break a reputation. So another service we offer is media relations — working with journalists to ensure they give a client a fair shake.

Benjamin Franklin once said that the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. But another certainty is that things can go wrong. When this happens, and the information becomes public, it can be a major threat to an organization or public figure. We offer crisis communications services to minimize damage from negative publicity and restore reputation.

The Internet is a huge part of how people communicate these days. We develop digital campaigns to help clients get the most out of online communications, including social media. We even design software and applications that make this easier and more productive.